Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why I'm Marrying Her: No. 819

The other morning I woke up typically early - maybe 7:30 AM or so and took the dog for a walk, made coffee and caught up on shows that I am not allowed to watch during the week (a by-product of living together that they never tell you about).

The Pug kept waking up and staring at the back of our condo - where the bedrooms are. I thought "no way H is up - its only 9:15 AM" (she would sleep until it was dark out if I'd let her). I went back to the bedroom around 10:30 AM and saw two perfect stacks of laundry: whites and darks, separated on the floor. H was sleeping. Apparently, she woke up, separated her laundry, and, after finding it too taxing, she went back to bed. I could only laugh. It is well documented that I hate the hours that she sleeps and I am awake. But this was totally worth it.

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