Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who says Flower Girls need to be Human?

We are intent on making the Pug part of the wedding. Strangely, this has been met with more resistance than our decision to forego getting married in a Church. Which is hilarious. Granted, we see the logistical nightmare to having this snorting, scratching, wheezing, begging little monster hanging out between our feet as we get married and then terrorizing our guests as they sip on their vodka sodas.

But on the other hand...we literally spend most of our time together playing, staring, and laughing at the Pug. We were asked recently about our three favorite things to do together - No. 1 on the list was taking the Pug to the Montrose Beach Dog park. We fall apart if we even think about life without this little terrorist. She sleeps in our bed and shares my pillow - I haven't had a good night's sleep in two weeks, but every time I get home, I kiss H hello and then grab this dog.

Is it strange that I am even entertaining this? Lets figure this out. I may not want this just for H. This one might be for me too. Who says the groom doesn't get to have say?

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