Thursday, November 6, 2008

About Us

NEP sent us a questionnaire when we booked them as our photographers. I eat this stuff up - getting H to sit down for a moment and fill it out took some work, but last Sunday, we found some time to hammer it out. I was pleased with the results. We're funny-ish.

What are three favorite things you like to do together (i.e. grocery store shopping, reading the newspaper at a café, rock climbing, walking, going to the movies, etc.)

1.) Taking the Pug to the Montrose Dog Beach; 2.) sitting on our roof deck in the summer with a stack of magazines and cold drinks; 3.) meeting after work on a Friday for a martini at the Paramount Room - our favorite bar/lounge; 4.) (Can we pick four?) - we love lazy weekend lunches/brunches.

Name three places you have been together that are especially unique.

Because of our jobs, we don't get to travel as much as we would like, but 1.) Classic Korean Karaoke in Korea Town, here in Chicago; 2.) Hayes Street in San Francisco (we saw a drive-by shooting in the Mission, though); and 3
.) We visited Oxford, OH in 2007 - which was unique since we both went to Miami at the same time, but never met - so, it was our first time there together - almost 10 years after [T] graduated.

Name three personality traits for each of you.

We picked three things for each other: [T] says H is 1.) Hilarious - nobody makes me laugh like she does; 2.) Quirky - she sees the world a little differently and I love that; 3.) Brilliant - she constantly reminds me that she is Phi Beta Kappa - I love that she is secretly Nerdy.

H says [T] is 1.) Creative - he often breaks into song with his own lyrics made up on the fly- most of the time they make sense; 2.) Funny/Witty - that's what he brings to the table; and 3.) Loyal - he doesn't quit on people.

When you can do anything you want to, what do you do?

H - naps/lays down/zones out/decompresses - basically, she sleeps; T - watches Arsenal soccer; Together - we continually ask each other "what do you want to do?" and then go to lunch in the neighborhood, where we have slightly too much to eat/drink, [then] H sleeps and T watches Soccer.

What do you think is most unique about you as a couple?

We love that we have this comfort level around each other - we are always laughing and feel that other people, when they meet us, can see a great couple that really just enjoys the company of the other. We compliment each other in both subtle and obvious ways and we are one another's biggest cheerleader.

Anything we could say to really make you laugh?

T's first nickname for H was "pee-bag" - thats sure to get a laugh.

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