Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 - this is our year

Happy new year's loyal reader.

H and I drove to St. Louis to visit some friends from my grad school days for the New Year festivities. As we sped down I-55 (Note - I was within 1 minute of my stated ETA - H was impressed and has a new found respect for me), we decided to dedicate some time to our resolutions for 2009 - "our year" as we have been affectionately calling it (every chance I get).

And it is our year - besides all of our ways to better ourselves individually (to be discussed in next post) - this year will be the one that we remember - the year that we were married - the year that we made it through all the stress and anxiety of the planning process - the year that we officially drive our mothers (and M - our planner) crazy with millions of phone calls, texts and e-mails - the year that we really get to celebrate our relationship with so many of our friends, family and loved ones - selfishly, this year, is about us: showers, bachelor/ette parties, power chugging cuervo while wearing a tee-shirt that suggests that there may be some suck for a buck, registering for the wedding gifts (though, it seems I may have lost out on my play to get a registry at Best Buy)(Willow for the wooden deer head, thankfully, is still in play); and for H - she'll have dress anxiety, dress fittings, learning the appropriate way to let someone know that they may not be invited to our wedding, more dress anxiety, something borrowed, something blue..., and all the other things that really make-up her wedding day.

I have said it on several occasions throughout this blog - I am on pins and needles and cannot wait for September 12, 2009 to get here.

Its our year, afterall.

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