Friday, December 19, 2008

The Reason for the Season

H and I celebrated our 3rd Christmas last Friday/Saturday. Its one of my favorite holidays - not Christmas as much - but our variation of it - usually a week early, so we can be together and personalize the whole event. Naturally, our inner epicureans found us at Old Town Brasserie on Friday night. While it may not have been No. 1 on our list of great Chicago meals, I reckon it has worked its way into the top ten. Having only had French food once before - I was reticent to try it - I am glad we did, though the dirty martini opener probably helped with my willingness to try the escargot. The meal itself was amazing. The proportions were just right and the waiter we had was cool and helpful. So, yes, I would recommend.

We exchanged our gifts on Saturday morning in typical H fashion - we got up early, put christmas pajamas on and turned the channel to the Christmas music station. There we exchanged gifts with the pug intently watching the proceedings. As always, H hit it out of the park - she has a special gift giving ability that I am still trying to cultivate. Without boring you with the details of who got what - I just hope that she was as happy as I was with the thought that went into everything. She is, rightfully, my better half.

That said, I would be remiss if I didn't wish each and every one of you a merry Christmas or happy holiday or good tidings or whatever. If I had two extra minutes I would call all 5 of you (Mom - I would just see you tomorrow). I set sail for the suburbs tomorrow and then hop in a car for the trip to H's parents house in Indianapolis on Christmas morning. I am hoping to break my record of 2hr 15 min from LZ to Indy. I think I can do it, but fear that the weather will not cooperate as much this year.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.


Stephen said...

Please limit the "Clueless" lines moving forward.

Patrick said...

Found this while surfing the web.....please keep typing.