Thursday, February 17, 2011

Didn't see this coming...

The sophomore effort was a complete failure...If this blog was "3 Feet High and Rising", clearly then, my second effort was "De La Soul is Dead."

"My Wife Would Rather I Share this with You" is dead, I guess.

I really do not know where this will take me/us. It would be criminal to believe that I could capture the same spirit as the wedding blog did. That was a one-off, obviously. But, I did my best writing (if you call blogging an actual form of writing)(for sake of argument, I do) here. I know this place. Its nooks. Its crannies. I am comfortable here. Writing as a (now) husband/partner to a beautiful woman. Writing as an enthusiast for bus gossip and reality television. Writing as a complete nut-job about traffic patterns, punctuality and Arsenal Football (soccer to you Americans).

Maybe, as Jim Kremens once sang, "[t]his is the place, we'll be all right."

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DonnaMcG said...

Checked here after reading the NYTimes article about how rich the "Queen of the Mommy Bloggers" has become. Your wedding prep was truly inspiring and "ad worthy". Glad you're back and looking forward to more interesting entries! You really do have a way with words :)