Friday, July 17, 2009

Your Blogger's Back...

I have received a lot of guff lately. Apparently, if you take 45 days off between posts, you are a real jerk...who knew? Its wonderful that I have such a great fan. What happened? I guess life got in the way. It seems like every morning I tell myself I am going to post something - but when its time for the rubber to meet the road, I decide that I probably should write something that gets me paid and allows me to keep my job - contract litigation is sexy.

Regardless. Michael Jordan said it in 1995. I'm saying it now: "I'm back."

In the next week or so, you should be ready to learn a lot. Invitations dropped last week. Thats kind of a big deal. My bachelor party is this weekend. Think docker's commercial with cheaper beer. H and I stayed up drinking last week and picked out music for the was really good times - especially the part where we drunk dialed my Mom to see what song she wanted me to pick for the Mother/Son dance - she said "something by Frank Sinatra." Naturally.

Stay tuned - I'm at the controls and I promise to take you safely into the wedding day - its coming fast, but I think I can handle it.


Jessica said...

It's about time! What else am I suppose to do at work other than read blogs written by people I saw last weekend?

Heather said...

Troy, don't be have, like, five fans....and we've all missed you... :)