Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Kidding...

It has been eerily quiet the last two weeks in wedding central. We received D+D's "vision" of the wedding. Its going to look amazing. In fact, after reading Gene's description of the design of the wedding, my Mesnick-esque vernacular will not do any of his thoughts justice. (BTW - I totally intended to do a whole write-up on the Melissa-Molly-Mesnick Bachelor 3-part Finale - somehow, though, I was beaten to the punch by most of America. I have thoughts on it that I will spare you dear reader (short: he's a cad). I just hope that Jillian keeps her dignity when she becomes the Bachelorette here in May).

H and I have discussed this blog over the last few weeks and it occurs to us that we don't want to give away the farm here. We are coming up on a time where this little page will be become public knowledge to our guests (rather than a wine drunk admission or a link on H's facebook page) - so, I guess, I will begin discussing more "big picture" wedding stuff from my perspective, rather than detail oriented posts. Which is nice - since, I do not and cannot remember or spell the names of most of the flowers. We are less than 6 months away from the "i'll take 'ems" and I think we have everything in pretty good order.

That said, as most of you know H and I are a little older than most couples we know when they got married. We are both post-30 (barely). That said, most of our friends are of the same age and have been married for several years and have started little families. All of their children are adorable and we have both enjoyed watching all of their personalities develop and seeing all the pictures. I have remarked to H on several occasions that many of my friends are amazing parents, since their children are impeccably behaved. Unfortunately, there is only going to be one child at this wedding - and it snorts and sheds and licks every ankle in sight. Granted - there may be a slight exception for my cousin and their children - but overall, we are thinking that this is going to be a child free wedding.

Like Mesnick (who wouldn't be able to bring Ty, btw), we struggled with this decision. We do not want to and its certainly not our intention to ostracize any of our guests who have children. We are looking at our big picture here. This is not going to be the place for a child. Its going to (hopefully) be a late night, with drinking and dancing and the like and we want our guests, including the parents, to be able to have a great, kid-free, time. Plus, its our hope that many of those parents in attendance will look forward to a night (or two) sans kids. - so they can get what we like to term "the kids are staying with grandma tonight drunk." We toyed with the idea of hiring a sitter or doing some sort of day-care set up - the problem there, again, is that if the child is on site, our guests are bound to want to check in on them occasionally, if not stay with them all night.

I know that this decision is bound to ruffle some feathers. I also acknowledge that this bright-line "no kids" policy may affect turn-out. We just hope that everyone understands that this is our wedding, which, we hope, is a reflection of our life. We want everyone to have a great time, unwind and enjoy a well-deserved night out. So, while we love your kids - H has even held one or two of them - the Pug is going to be the only 'kid' at this wedding - and even she is staying with a sitter that night!

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