Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yuppie Coffee and Mimosa Party

Yesterday morning, we knocked the cobwebs off and went to what was labeled by a friend as "the most yuppy sounding thing ever!" - the Wedding Registry class at Crate and Barrel. The class - starting at 9:00 AM at the Crate/Barrel on Michigan Avenue - is a 2 hour free-for-all in the store. You are greeted by a cabal of falsely excited CB employees that may secretly hate you for getting them up 2 hours before they may normally get out of bed and roll out of their parents house in Tinley. You get coffee and mimosas and little cakes and muffins with frosting and then you are split in groups of ten or so and given a tour of the store. Upon completion of the tour, they give you a little scanner and told you that you have about 105 minutes before the soccer moms in cheap leather coats from Chattanooga, TN in town for Spamalot and Michigan Avenue shopping trips are alllowed into the store. We better get to work.

This was - At the same time - the most intimidating and exhilarating thing ever.

We have both struggled with the idea that we are selecting things that we want people to buy us. If you haven't noticed we are in a recession, so the idea of making a list of mid-priced items that we may or may not need seems a little strange to us (of course, this logic was dismissed when we registered for an $1100 chair because we liked the color "canoe green")(I have seen some ridiculous registries, but this item definitely takes the cake)(Sorry everyone!). So, there is that element and then the fact that H and I started dating at 28 and have lived together for almost 2 years. We have accumulated a lot of things for the house. We have pots and pans and dish rags and towels and forks and colanders and what have you - they all work just fine.

I learned quickly that the key to registering for wedding gifts is to suspend logic and just look at and scan the stuff that you might use at some time. Simple enough. Symbolically, we registered for the above-pictured meat tenderizer first. It is basically the only thing that I want - every since seeing Trainer Bob on Biggest Loser show some contestant how to flatten chicken breast so it cooks more evenly and gets rid of some of the fat - I have been obsessed. I had used a hammer for a while - so the thought of actually having the proper kitchen utensil to do this is going to be awesome. I am going to tenderize everything!

Admittedly, once we got past the "do we really need an egg-timer" phase and started registering and asking questions about styles and place-settings, it got kind of fun. The fact that the store was free of Europeans benefiting from the current euro-US Dollar exchange rate was nice. All the couples were great - if they saw that you were at the knives, they would go somewhere else and then circle back later (the guy in shorts and a gold windbreaker from Charlotte, NC may just reach around you, or just breathe on your neck while you are trying to determine what cuisanart products were the best for you).

I asked H later what her favorite part was and she said the idea of registering for all these things that we will use in our future together. That's simple enough. And true enough. It was fun for H and I talk about what kind of couple we are and what we want to do with the house and what kind of parties we want to have and what our future together will be like. It was fun to think that we would have some of these items for our next 20 years (if Dan in knives is to be believed) and that they would be ours, rather than the items that we both contributed to the house when we moved in together (my couch, her lamps, etc).

It will be nice when it is all 'our home.'

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