Monday, February 9, 2009


H has taken my earlier post about not asking her bridesmaids to be in the wedding as a call to arms. She has tied up the game. It is now 6-6. Although, I will have to put an asterisk Barry Bonds style, next to her score. She has been allowed performance enhancing cell phone use to tie this up - whereas, I have been asking everyone in person.

If I am laying odds, she may be favored to win this little game that I created and am the only one participating in.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Despite enormous odds, I got mine before she got hers, so to speak. At 11:33 AM yesterday, I was able to secure the final groomsmen. I cheated a little and made a phone call. I justified this by looking at my schedule over the next 3 weeks and realized that it was now or never. H did not secure her last bridesmaid until almost 10 hours later (while I getting my mind blown by last night's episode of Lost). Congratulations to all those in the wedding party - we are honored and humbled that you agreed to be a part of what is a very special day for us. For everyone else - thank you for trying out.

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