Monday, January 19, 2009

Say yes(es) to the dress(es)

I had indicated previously that information regarding H's wedding dress requires level 5 security clearance - I have level 1. No big deal to me. The less I know the better. That said, I am happy to say that H has found her perfect wedding dress...


I won't say I wasn't warned. When dress shopping started, her step-father gave me the rundown of how H and her Mom would shop for school dances. Normally they would buy 5-7 dresses and then the night of the dance they would decide. Imagine the poor pock faced kid trying to get H a corsage. Poor bastard.

I refused to believe that this would translate to wedding dress shopping. Extremely early in the engagement, H had earmarked a dress that she loved - that she had to request be added to some trunk show and that she would not be able to see/try on until January 17, 2009. In fairness, H decided not to put all of her eggs in one dress basket and set out shopping. H's mom and aunt made a trip to Chicago just after Christmas. They made several appointments at stores that I never knew existed and went full throttle trying on as many dresses as each appointment would allow. Cue cheesy video montage of H and company laughing and giggling and trying on crazy outfits - for the music, I have chosen "Electric Feel" by MGMT - "Ooh girl, shock me like an electric eel..." - trust me, in my montage, this works.

I still thought that she would never dare buy a dress until the trunk show on the 17th. I was wrong. At the next to last store, H texted me "um, I may have bought a wedding dress!"H seemed really excited with her decision and had an instant vibe with the maker - an independent dress shop on Damen Avenue...her Mom and aunt seemed really pleased with it too - so pleased, in fact, that her Mom bought her dress there too. H canceled her remaining appointments and enjoyed the rest of her day off, knowing that she found THE Dress. Still, I couldn't help to shake the feeling that this was not the end of this.

I was right.

The next morning, H did her best GOB Bluthe impression when she turned to me and said "I think I made a huge mistake."

H could not get the other dress out of her head. She was lying awake at night thinking about the first dress she ever loved. Within days she said "I think am going to try on the other dress." It took some herculean efforts to suppress the "I told you so..." that was dying to come out. Rather, like a good BFBFF, I said that if this meant she is going to be happy on her wedding day, then I am all for it. I would hate for her to wonder about the other dress or change her mind when the original dress has been cut - I have a limited understanding on these things, but I am guessing, you can't return these things.

Needless to say - she is in love - real love - with this dress. She has been walking around the house pretending she is NeNe from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" - yelling "Bam - my dress is so hot - BAM! Its young, sexy, glamorous. BAM!"

So, while I may not know what she is going to wear on September 12, 2009, I am glad to know that H is going to be wearing the exact dress that she wanted...even if it was her second first choice.

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