Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Popping and Locking

H asked me last night whether the fact that I have not posted in over a week means I love her less. No, sweetheart, that's not what it means.

Wedding central has been quiet the last few weeks. H is looking at dresses - apparently I need level 5 security clearance to have anything to do with this. We have started looking closer at invites. We visited Paper Doll in Wicker Park to get some traction here - there are tons that we like. We even started looking at designing some using envelopments. The Honeymoon is just about planned (more on that in future posts). We have our guest gift - which, I think is a surprise for the guests, so, I am under some direction to be discreet. Lets just say it may be the only thing that H and I have in common with Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz. Its shocking sometimes to tell people how far along we are to get a surprised response - are we doing too much?

Also, we finally closed on the Library - which was a struggle in and of itself. I think the most difficult thing about the whole "negotiating" thing with respect to the library is that we had absolutely zero leverage. We have to get married there - there is no question to H and I. So, then, how do we nickel and dime things like the room rental and the food/beverage minimum? I honestly thought the library's initial offer was good. Thank goodness for M - she was a god send here. Apparently, it [the initial pricing] was not that good. H and I have said at least 100 times now that we would be lost without her. We would have no idea what the hell we're doing. We would never counter a vendor's counter-offer. I don't even think we would think to make a counter offer. There is so much we don't understand. In our day to day lives - yes, we manage to get through without hurting ourselves. Wedding stuff - we're anxious and inexperienced. Anyone can tell you that that is a lethal combination. We would probably already blown the budget. 401ks would be opened - second mortgages taken out. It would be a disaster. This is hyperbole - but you get the point.

Entertainment is next - lets just say we're using a DeeJay... and his name might be DJ Indiana Jones. You read that right. Its not set in stone - so maybe thats why I am fighting the urge to attach Harrison Ford's pictures to this post...stay tuned.

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